When a person discovers they are pregnant, especially when they did not intend to be, they are likely faced with a whole host of intense and sometimes conflicting emotions.

We offer free pregnancy options counseling. We are committed to respecting the needs of each person who comes to us, and we realize that your decision to continue your pregnancy and keep the baby or place it for adoption, or terminate the pregnancy is a very personal one. Options counseling is unpressured and focused on helping you to work toward a decision that is right for you.

Please call to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our healthworkers. Equality Health Center staff is here to give you accurate information, to listen openly and with empathy to what you have to say, and to ask questions that will help you find your own answers. If you think it would be helpful, we will speak with you privately at first and then if you would like, you can include parents, partners, or other friends in the counseling session. The length of your appointment is generally about one-hour.

We will support you in whatever choice you make for yourself.

Another great way to explore your options and feelings is to use the downloadable, on-line resource, the Pregnancy Options Workbook www.pregnancyoptions.info Equality Health Center highly recommends this workbook. If you cannot download the workbook, call us and we will mail you one copy for free.