Teens are welcome at Equality Health Center.  If you are ready to move on from your pediatrician or do not feel comfortable going to him/her for GYN services or birth control – we are a great choice. If you have insurance under your parents, but do not want them to know about your reproductive healthcare – let us help you. All appointments are confidential and will only be disclosed if you sign a medical release form. If you are sexually active or thinking about becoming sexually active, please come talk to us about birth control options and STI’s. You do not have to have an annual exam or PAP test to obtain many methods of birth control.

We are a nurturing place that will educate, support and help you make the right birth control choice for you, one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Again, parental consent is not required and there is no age requirement. You are welcome to come by yourself or if you prefer you may bring your partner, family member or companion.

Also for middle and high schools — we are happy to come and do an in-service workshop for your students. Just let us know.

Get your questions answered!

  • Have you ever gotten into a relationship just because all your friends are in one?
  • Is having sex the best way to prove to someone how much you love them?
  • Can guys be victims of dating violence?
  • Have you ever stayed in a relationship long after you knew “it was over”?
  • You’re 15, he’s 22. Why does everyone say that’s a problem?